Algarve Municipal Coats of Arms, The Head of the Moorish king and the Christian king

In remembrance of the ancient kingdom status, most of the current municipal coats of arms (and also some parishes) of the Algarve have as main elements the head of the Moorish king and the Christian king who adorned the old (and putative) coat of arms Algarve kingdom. Alongside the representation of goshawk in coats of the Azores and a star in the municipalities of Serra da Estrela, this is one of the few natural areas of the country that makes use of a distinctive heraldic symbol, to which only the cities of Faro, Lagos and Olhão leak.

120px-Cacela 115px-VRS1 115px-TVR 115px-SLV-smarcosserra 115px-SLV 115px-PTM 115px-LLE1 115px-LGA1 115px-ABF1 114px-VBP 114px-SBA 114px-OLH1 114px-LGA-estombar 114px-LGA-carvoeiro1 114px-CTM 114px-AJZ 114px-ACT 102px-LLE-benafim

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