S. Francisco Church, in Faro

The Church of São Francisco or Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco, is a building “remarkable” of Faro, located in Largo de São Francisco, next to the convent of the same name. In 1679 it launched the first stone of the Church by the Dean of the Third Order of Carmo – Ordem Terceira do Carmo, Manuel Guerrero Camacho, inside the fence of the Convent of San Francisco.

The primitive portal served as a model to the current Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Repouso – Chapel of Our Lady of Rest. The original building has undergone profound remodeling, emphasizing participation in these works of Diogo Tavares and Ataíde, the most prestigious master mason Algarve eighteenth century. These works lasted to the late seventeenth century.

Inside, we highlight the altars of the chancel and side altars, the coating on cruise summit of the hoist and the tiles that cover the dome ousia and the four Italian paintings commissioned by the Bishop of the Algarve D. Francisco Gomes the Avelar, in 1792, and in particular “Death of S. Francisco” painted in Rome by Marcello Leopardi.

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