Castle of Aljezur

Castle of Aljezur, located in the village and Parish of Aljezur, Faro in Portugal.

In dominant position over the village and the river of Aljezur, although they are in one of the castles figured in the seven corners of paternal coat, it is almost unknown in the Portuguese tourist itineraries, in the case of one of the most significant monuments Algarve.

Recent archaeological research by the Archaeology Unit of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park, in partnership with the Municipality of Aljezur, revealed that the early human occupation of the site dates back to prehistoric times, bringing to light layers with traces of Age Bronze (c. 3,000 AP), the Iron Age and the Roman period (between centuries IV and BC).

At the time of the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, the course of the Aljezur river was navigable and this town constituted in important river port. Dates from this period, in the early stages (before the X century), the primitive fortification, which, in general, showed polygonal her subsisting significant sections of walls, a tower with a circular plan and the cistern. Later, in late stage in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, they were raised inside enclosure several residential structures and two silos. At this stage, the castle would have integrated the Almohad defensive system of the Silves region, which then stretched from the current councils of Lagoa and Albufeira to Aljezur and south of the Alentejo coast.

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