Castle of Alcoutim

The Alcoutim Castle, also known as New Castle, in the Algarve, located in the village, Town and Municipality of Alcoutim, in Faro, in Portugal.

Watching this point of the boundary line crossing, the monument stands in a dominant position on a hill south of the village on the right bank of the stream of San Marcos, on its confluence with the River Guadiana. On the opposite bank of this, the Sanlúcar de Guadiana Castle can be seen in the territory of Spain.

At the time of the Christian Reconquest, the region was conquered by the forces of King Sancho II (1223-1248) in 1240. In order to increase the settlement and defense of these domains, the ruler favored the current village site, for whose defense was erected new Castle, root, and these works are extended by the second half of the thirteenth century.

Under the reign of King Dinis (1279-1325), the village received its Foral de Carta (1304). Date from this period the wide ring of walls, in which tear three gates: the Guadiana, the Tavira and the Mértola, arranged in the corresponding geographical orientation.

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