Church Matriz de Estômbar, in Lagoa


Built in the mid-sixteenth century on the hilltop where spreads the village, it is the most representative examples of Manueline architecture to be found in the western Algarve.


Built on an old hermitage dedicated to Santa Ana, presents confluence of different architectural styles, because of the extensive remodeling that was subject after the earthquake of 1755. The façade, flanked by two symmetrical towers, stands the rich Manueline portico, decorated with motifs vegetal and topped by a scallop, symbol of São Tiago – St. James.

They are also to highlight also the Manueline architectural style, the two side portals. Inside, next to the entrance porch, are evident two Manueline columns profusely carved with figures from all walks of life and a parade of musicians. The chancel Chapel holds a gilded altarpiece which identifies the figures of São Tiago e de São José – St. James and St. Joseph. Also noteworthy are the night chapels, which are tastefully baroque set design in carving and tiles.

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