Querença Village, in Loulé

Querença is located on a hill that gives the name to the town, which can already be characterized by the transition between the Barrocal and Serra. The houses down the slope in all directions, standing atop the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, also known by the Church. The village is known for its distillation of arbutus and chorizo, plus other typicalities. The Feast of Chouriças is one of the highest points of the festivities that take place every year, in January (3rd. Sunday).

In Querença, we find:

A typical gastronomy, preserved by local restaurants. Typical dishes Querença, among others, Cerejada Chicken, the Cabidela Rooster and the Xerém (the corn porridge, traditional Algarve).

Craftsmen, working mainly in palm (empreita), sugarcane (basketry) and fabric dolls (Philippa Spark);
Liquors, being produced in more than 16 varieties.
Honey, originating from the greater variety of flowers of the Mediterranean basin.
Other tourist attractions are: The valleys of Mercês e da Benémola, this inserted in an area, in the process of Natural Monument rating, previously “protected area Source of Benémola”. Rich Mediterranean flora. Traditional sources.

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