Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila, in Loulé

The Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila are located at Faro district in the municipality of Loulé and more precisely in Quarteira parish. Made up of several bathtubs and Roman mosaics dating from over 2000 years.

Belonging to the territory of Ossónoba, the early occupation of the village dates back to the first half of the century AD its location favored the use of maritime resources and trafficking of goods, attested by the existence of a port.

In the second century, and particularly from the third century, the residential area has acquired a significant dimension. The water was an ever-present element, gushing of fountains and statues of the lake garden, central space around which the whole house was developing: a large reception room and summer dining room, the kitchen, the service areas, which included a cryptoporticus.

The walls were coated with plaster painted to fresh with bright colors and floral and geometric motifs. The floor was decorated with multicolored mosaics. The sculptures of gods and men decorated the interior spaces, harmonizing a fantastic set of color and stone cutting.

Little is known about the local production economy, but tanks with several workshops indicate the manufacture of cooked fish or, more likely, the dyeing fabric from purple. The finding of large amounts of imported elements, amphorae, small lamps, dishes and glasses, demonstrates the integration of the Cerro da Vila in the commercial network of the Roman Empire.

The Cerro da Vila lords were made bury in mausoleums with columbarium, a crypt with small side niches for placing the urns containing ashes. In later time, it grew a vast cemetery with graves of burial, only partially uncovered.

A set of silos of the Islamic era, open within the Roman houses, denounces the continuing occupation of buildings. Having finally the valuation and presentation of the site to the public, was built a site museum where is patent a monographic exhibition.

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